Allergy and the MNITherapy

In drugstores, lots of soothing products are sold: creams, sprays, inhalers, …

Even the  pharmaceutical medicine has many things available to dam allergic attacks.

However all these products, whether they are natural or chemical, will only work symptomatically. The0 complaints will be relieved, but not cured.

The MNITherapy can solve the causes so that your immune system can recover and will make you defendable against allergens.stop allergie2

To understand what MNITherapy does, we direct you to our home page and the Asthma page.

The principles are similar with that difference that in case of allergy, other specific places in the body are disturbed.


If we compare a healthy person to someone who is allergic, we will find earlier described blockages and misalignments, plus some extra problems at the higher dorsal vertebrae and ribs.

The combination of all the blockages can cause chronic irritations of two very important cranial nerves numbered as the Xth (Vagus nerve) and the IXth (Glossopharyngeal nerve). These two nerves, which are also interconnected, will take care for instance of the innervation of the nose, throat, ears, pharynx and lungs.



But what is at least as important, are specific blockages in the thoracic spine, combined with the adjacent ribs.MNIT allergie5

They are in very close contact with the stellate ganglion.

This ganglion is a part of the previously described (ortho)sympathetic nervous system.

For many years important immunological functions have been accredited to this ganglion.

In the past, it was injected, irradiated, burned and dissected in an attempt to cease asthma and allergy complaints.

Often with temporary success.


Because of the fact that certain dorsal vertebrae are misaligned and blocked, they will influence the adjacent ribs, and there might arise a chronic irritation of the tissues which hold the ganglion in its place. Thereby the ganglion in its turn gets over irritated and can disturb the function of the immune system.

The MNITherapy solves these lesions whereby patients can get rid of their allergy.

We notice this in as a subjective way: patient stops coughing, sneezing, sniveling, breaths normal; as well as in an objective way: after some time the IgE (antibody) blood rates decrease, and less histamine is produced.

Treatment techniques are comparable with those for asthma, only we work on more specific targets.





It is obvious that we’ll explain the need of a perfect ergonomic follow up after the treatment. 

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