The MNITherapy consists of three main parts:

1. The Manual Neuro-Immune Treatment

2. Ergonomic approach

3. Correction of nutrition and possible control/treatment of superinfections



  • 1. The Manual Neuro-Immune TreatmentMNIT_VOORkopie

The building of a bad body structure often finds its origin in a difference in leg length.

This difference can be genuine or a false  one, sometimes acquired from birth, sometimes during the growth period, sometimes after a crash or a trauma.

These differences can vary in measure from a few millimetres up to a few centimetres.

Immediately linked to the difference in leg length we perceive a tilted pelvis girdle: one side of the pelvis is lower than the other side. Thereby the central axis of the body, the vertebral column, must follow and will adapt as a scoliotic shape, up to and including the first cervical vertebra.

We talk about a genuine difference in leg length if the difference remains after the treatment(s), and for which we have to provide a correction in the shoe.

A false difference in leg length is one which disappears after one or more treatments whereby the pelvis as well as the pine obtains a correct position.

These false differences in leg length are noticeable in cases where the pelvis gets twisted with blockages of its three joints. A well done manual correction, provided by our qualified MNITherapists solve these problems swiftly.




However, an oblique position of the human body is not enough to develop asthma, allergy, eczema, psoriasis, …

A human can live perfectly with a scoliotic structure without having one asthma attack. It is only when the spinal joints will get blocked on certain places, that the corresponding nerves might get overstimulated.



This overstimulated information is sent to the Central Nervous System (CNS), and from there to the brains, which will answer by sending back an adequate response to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

The ANS is a part of the CNS, and warrants all the commands in the body which are not meant for skeletal muscles, which means organs, skin, glands, blood vessels, ….


Other causes such as accidents, crashes, bad ergonomic postures will also reinforce certain blocages.

Every pathology brings specific blockages to specific places in the body.


The main purpose of the MNITreatment is to achieve a properly functioning, mobile and symmetrical structure.MNIT_NA

The misaligned body axes will be restored as much as possible with:

  1. A horizontal and unlocked pelvis girdle
  2. An equal leg length
  3. A relatively straight but more importantly and unblocked and mobile spine.


The techniques used in the MNITherapy are in the  first place manual corrections and manipulative techniques. These techniques are inherent to the therapy and are adapted to the age and mobility of our patients.


It is logical that the treatment for a baby or infant is different to treatment for an elderly patient.

Because we treat human beings, each patient deserves personal attention.

Each patient is examined and treated individually, and when necessary, techniques are adapted or added to. Therefore it is important to let yourself be treated by a qualified licensed MNITherapist

In the past, our youngest patient was 4 days old, the eldest 80 years old.



  • 2. Ergonomic approach

Ergonomics is important to ensure that the unblocked structures remain mobile.

We will explain our patients what they need to do as a prevention for renewed blockades.

If a blockage recurs, the complaints will return and the patient will need never-ending treatment, which is not the goal of the MNITherapy.

Our licensed therapists stand for  a strong therapeutic system that works. But only if our patients respect the necessary advice and ensure they follow the proper ergonomics.


Asthma, eczema, allergy, hay fever can be cured swiftly, even permanently, sometimes following just a few treatments.

Depending on the severity and the duration of the complaints, the applied ergonomics and the used nutrition, the treatment time can take longer.

Sometimes it takes a while to create a balance in the nervous system. In that case it will be necessary to treat our patients a few times a year.




  • 3. Correction of nutrition and possible control/treatment of superinfection

Nutritional correction can be very important in the treatment of severe skin diseases.

The MNITherapist will advise you when necessary.

To get faster results, sometimes we will advise the use of disinfecting creams in case of persistent skin infections. These infections occur often in case of permanent scratching of the eczema spots.

Sometimes we can decide to send you back to your physician to get more information and treatment in connection with bacterial or mold infections from the lungs or skin.

After being tested in a lab, it is your physician who must decide which medication you’ll need to get rid of these infections.




Our manual techniques are not hard but they are persistent. After all, a blocked joint has to be released, and the faster the better.  If not, one will not improve.

However, this will not diminish your comfort. We take care to perform our techniques as fluently as possible. A patient also receive all the necessary explanations before therapy starts.


During the execution of the techniques you might hear a “cracking” sound. This is a normal physiological phenomenon and is due to the escape of gas (mostly Nitrogen) which is found in the lubricant of the manipulated joint. The space in the joint gets a bit bigger and the unsolved gasses will be transformed into bubbles. These bubbles pop over, producing the “cracking” sound. The younger a patient, the more lubricant in the joint and the more one can hear the popping sounds.


MNIT_behandeling_behandeling2 MNIT_behandeling_behandeling3 MNIT_behandeling_behandeling4 MNIT_behandeling_behandeling1




The frequency of treatments has to be discussed with the MNITherapist.  Practically, the basic treatment consists of +/- 4 sessions in rather quick succesion.  After this a follow up treatment might be planned, but depending on evolution, age, treatment fluency, … a few sessions can suffice.

In case of psoriasis, the patient has to take a longer treatment period into account.

As are many parts of the “classic medicine”, the MNITherapy is built around  EXPERIENCED-BASED MEDICINE rather than evidenced-based medicine.

This means that time after time we notice similar results after performing our techniques. The same observations are shared by our patients. This is how they come to recognize our way of working.


By no means are we to be considered as an “alternative medicine”, but we provide an alternative for certain medication. In most cases we cannot provide the cure, but can only provide a certain comfort and techniques which need to be maintened.

We are always open for dialogue with representatives of the medicine, to obtain a constructive cooperation with just one goal: your comfort as a patient !


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