What is the MNITherapy ?


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The MANUAL NEURO-IMMUNE THERAPY or MNITherapy is a manual therapy aimed at the recovery of the neuro-immune system.

An MNITherapist works with his hands. He corrects certain misalignments and blockages of certain joints which cause specific complaints.

These osteo-articular mobilisations and manipulations ensure that the blocked joints are restored in their normal position and mobility.

With this, the neurovegetative or autonomic nervous system is affected, and by consequence the immune system as well as the hormonal system will improve.




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image showing crack

What happens to our joints when we “crack” them and is it bad?

Hieronder vindt u een video over, wat er gebeurt als we onze vingers of andere gewrichten manipuleren of “kraken”, …

MRI-scan directly shows result of lower back manipulation.

Er werd onderzoek gedaan naar het rechtstreeks effect van een manipulatie van de lage rug bij ongeveer honderd patiënten …

baby tillen

Spinal manipulation is effective in relieving infantile colic.

Er werd door het Center for Biomechanics, Odense University, Denmark, een onderzoek naar kolieken bij huilbaby’s …