The skin in general

The human skin is considered to be the biggest organ, because it weights the most of all organs.

It contains, like any other internal organ, different specialized cells which all together have a function.

Observation of the skin sometimes shows important information about whether or not the body is functioning well as a whole.


  • Protects against vulnerable influencesastma asthme asthma allergie allergy eczema eczéma mnit 23
  • Prevents loss of vital internal elements
  • Keeps our body together
  • Warns us for potential internal and external harmful changes in temperature
  • Plays a role in the immune system
  • Excretion of toxins through the sweat glands (about 100 glands/cm² skin surface)
  • Lots of other functions: sensations, esthetic, …


The skin is renewed constantly !! once a month, +/- every 28 days.




→ Eczema / psoriasis

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