Eczema, psoriasis and the MNITherapy

On the home page, we explained how a pair of nerves leave at every segment of the spinal cord and vouches for control and information of the innervated segment: skin, organ, muscle, bone, …

Depending on the type of information sent to the brains, and depending on the answer sent back to an organ, muscle, blood vessel, … this will determine whether or not, in this case, the skin will react or not.

In case of eczema, the subcutaneous  capillaries will get overexcited and remain in a condition of vasodilatation, causing the red colored spots, the warmer feeling and the itch.

The location of the blockages in the spine will determine in which dermal zone (dermatome) a problem occurs.

For example: a blockage in the lower part of the neck will cause eczema at the elbows. Blockages in the lower back will cause skin lesions at the back sides of the knee, …

Eczema in the face will find its origin in the higher parts of the neck, but also frequently in chronic teeth problems such as bad fillings, abscesses.


astma asthme asthma allergie allergy mnit 22

Thanks to the MNITherapy, we are able to stop these attacks. By an exact correction of the wrong body axes and the liberation of  these vertebral blocks which are responsible for the wrong innervation of the affected skin, the overexcitement of the skin will decrease, the redness and itch disappears and the eczema heals.






MNIT Huidziekten 5 MNIT Huidziekten 6

Before the treatment                                 After the 3rd session



MNIT Huidziekten 7 MNIT Huidziekten 8

Before the treatment                          After the 4th session


As described on the pages about asthma and allergy, patients will have to respect a strict ergonomic behavior.

Additionally they will be explained how to detox their body from pathogenic substances.


In classic dermatology it is treated with radiations, corticosteroid creams and severe medication, so one is looked at from the outside to the inside.

The MNITherapy works in the opposite manner: from the inside to the outside, starting from the blockages of the spine.

Our working method is more or less the same as with eczema. Restorations of the misaligned body axes, blocked vertebrae, taking care of the correct ergonomics and elimination of toxic substances which disorder the acid-base balance in the body.

Somebody who develops a psoriasis often suffers from a disordered cleaning system (e.g. bowels) and blocked vertebrae before the skin lesions appear.

Because in psoriasis the lesions are found much deeper in the skin compared to eczema, it is logical that the healing period will be much longer. The chances of success will also depend on the character of the patient in respect to ergonomics, corrective eating patterns, ….

To see the first part of improvement, one needs to be patient for at least 6-12 months.


MNIT Huidziekten 9  MNIT Huidziekten 10

Before the treatment                                                           After 8 months


MNIT Huidziekten 12  MNIT Huidziekten 11

Before the treatment                          After 10 months

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