Nutritional corrections

astma asthme asthma allergie allergy eczema eczéma mnit 26Nutritional corrections can be very useful in the treatment of severe chronic skin diseases. In this case, patients are advised to avoid certain foods for a long period with the goal to detoxify the body. More specifically: the liver, bile ducts, kidneys, the intestines and intestinal flora.

These organs are very important in the natural elimination of toxic matter.

For liver and bile ducts the avoidance of cow milk, alcohol, sugar, red meat, … (non limitative list) are necessary.

Drink water when you are thirsty.

For the intestines the avoidance of the night shades is recommended (potatoes, paprika, aubergines)

This because these products cause an acid reaction inside and thus irritate the intestinal walls, leading to the leaky gut phenomenon.



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