• The skin


Quite often we see serious, chronic eczema spots which are superinfected because of the permanent scratching.

The skin breaks and gets infected by bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, ..) or mould/yeasts (candida albicans, ..)

The MN-IT cannot solve this problem by itself. When a superinfection is suspected, we will send the patient back to the physician to have a sample (swap) sent to a lab for determination of the right bacteria, fungus, …  With supplementary cream or medication, prescribed by the doctor, this superinfection must be treated adequately.

Sometimes we notice that our question is misunderstood and that we get an answer in return such as: “Everywhere on the skin you can find bacteria an fungi so that’s normal”

Therefore it is important to have a test of the broken skin so enough wound fluid and skin cells can be collected to be send to the lab.





Via an antibiogram the lab will determine which antibioticum will work against the bacterium and to which it is resistant.




With a special cream and/or oral medication, the superinfection will be treated accurately and the patient will have a better chance to heal fast.


  • The lungs

The same phenomenon is seen in cases of asthma. An asthma patient often coughs mucus, which has to stop during the evolution of the MN-IT: when the autonomic nervous system works as it should, the lungs will not be over excited anymore and will not produce extra phlegm.

When this is not the case and one continues to produce sputum (colored as yellow, brown, green) this might be a sign of a superinfection.media_xll_7662466

Blood, muscles and lungs are supposed to be sterile !

Bacteria feel good in a warm and humid environment and for these reasons we see patients evolving like a yoyo: up and down…

But not only bacteria, also fungi have a chance to grow in the lung environment; especially after a prolonged use  of oral inhalers based on steroids.




When the immune system can no longer fight these superinfections, it is useful to have an analysis made of the phlegms to determine whether bacteria or fungi are inside.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a blood test to detect bacteria or fungi:


rast m5




It is up to your doctor to decide which test to perform.

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