Different forms of asthma

Some authors make a difference between real and false asthma, which is only a way of classification.

The MN-IT recognizes following types:


  • 1. The Exhalation difficulty = lower airwaysastma asthme asthma allergie allergy mnit 12

Due to a constriction of the bronchi,  a part of the air volume remains trapped in the alveoli.

Therefore it can hardly be exhaled completely.

This results in a faster superficial breathing pattern. In severe cases you can see a mounted chest, fixated in the in the inhalation position, often accompanied by a wheezing sound and a slimy cough.






  •  2.The Inhalation difficulty = upper airways

astma asthme asthma allergie allergy mnit 10-1

Because of a spasm of the pharynx patients get difficulties with breathing in.

Often accompanied by a wheezing sound, dry braking cough, congested nose, allergies,…





  • 3. Combination of both: 

the worse the blockades, the more (over) exciting of nerve fibers to all regions of the breathing system and the worse a patient will breath. (sometimes, but luckily less frequent with fatal consequences).


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