Ergonomics / prevention

When the body axis are corrected after an MNITherapy-session, they have to be maintained in order to be successfull.

For this reason it is important for our patients to follow the ergonomic principles meticulously:


  • Don’t sleep on the stomach, but on the back or on the side, on a good mattress and with an orthopedic pillow
  • Sit up straight while eating, at your desk, while watching a computer or TV screen, at school, and move regularly
  • Always look straight in front of you at a TV or computer screen and not with your head turned to one side or with a hyperextension
  • Don’t lay oblique on the couch with your head on the armrest
  • Wear firm shoes with a hard sole, no trainers: they are only meant to be worn during sports
  • Don’t wear a bag or a satchel on one shoulder but on both
  • While standing: always carry your weight on both legs
  • In case we want you to use a special sole: wear it all the time !
  • Avoid frequently falling e.g. with martial sports, contact sports
  • Don’t lift babys and little children under the armpit but at the waist to avoid blockages of specific ribs and vertebrae
  • Let children wear a cervical collar during long trips by car or plane
  • Plan a new treatment after a fall or an accident
  • Avoid any other manual tretament during our therapy sessions


When, for example, because of professional circumstances it is impossible to fullfill these recommendations it is useful to undergo a treatment on a more regular base.

By doing so you can prevent recurrent blockages with all possible harmful consequences.



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